Why Buy a Kaza Half Leather Case for Your Retro Nikon Df Camera

Kaza Half Leather Case on Nikon Df

Kaza half leather case for Nikon DF. Why would you want to put a Kaza half leather camera case on your cool Nikon Df? After all, it already has this amazing Retro look which believe it or not, was one of the reasons this camera sold so well but you don’t need to be a hipster to look cool.

Wear and tear is inevitable and you’ll soon find the paint of your beautiful Nikon Df start to wear off. Keeping you camera in good condition not only protects it, but maintains its value.

I found most Nikon Df’s cameras with paint damage being sold almost half price in the local market groups. Damage to your camera will quickly de-value its second hand value.

The Kaza Half Leather case is made from genuine leather and looks fantastic on the Nikon Df camera. It is available in two colours, vintage brown or black. As my Nikon Df was the silver model I purchased the brown one.

It covers the bottom half of my camera perfectly, with the top half of my camera fully visible to access the controls and undoubtedly finish off the cool Retro looks.

There is an option to purchase the case with or without a strap. I would highly recommend paying a little more and getting it with the strap.

Which to Buy – Kaza or Gariz

I already own the Gariz half leather case which I use on my Nikon Z7. As this camera is mostly used for landscape photography, I was able to take advantage of the arc-swiss plate built into the base.

This protects my camera and enables me to place it on a tri-pod whenever needed, without having to make any additional adjustments or changes.

Gariz also make a leather case for the Nikon Df so why didn’t I get that?

I didn’t plan to use my Nikon Df for landscapes as I bought it for events and street photography. It’s an incredible camera for low light shooting due to the Nikon D4 sensor inside and I knew I was never going to use it on a tripod.

Let’s be honest, I also bought the camera due to it’s Retro look and the Kaza was so stylish and eye catching I had to have that too. It reminded me of cameras and cases during my early film days.

Kaza Half Leather Case Features

  • Tripod Screw
  • Leather (genuine) case cover
  • Double face leather
  • Soft fibre interior
  • Extremely light
  • Extension rings
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Leather extension camera ring protection
  • Easy access cable slots
  • Easy to open slot for battery and SD card access
  • Battery Pouch

What is Retro Fashion

Retro is an imitation on style from the past and this Kaza camera case definitely solidifies that vibe. Old styles often come back into fashion and Retro is actually a big hit right now. Perhaps it has something to do with this new hipster fashion!

Kaza Half Leather Case on Nikon Df

High-quality Leather

It wasn’t just the looks that sold me. This Kaza Half Leather Case leather case has been beautifully crafted with precision, and the leather is of the highest quality possible. Take a little care of this timeless case and it should be something that lasts forever.

Genuine Leather is a much better option than PU leather.

Real leather is durable and long-lasting whereas PU leather might look good initially but it is not as strong and it won’t last. Lets not forget how beautiful leather becomes once it starts to wear down giving that aged look! Why save a few bucks for something made of PU!

Kaza Half Leather Case Price

The real leather case is available for $99.00. While there are cheaper cases on the market, there are also more expensive ones. When comparing this to similar products out there, the quality is so much better and it is definitely worth its price tag. Whether you are treating yourself or getting this Nikon Df case for somebody else, it’s a worthy investment.

About the Company

This product is brought to you by the company Kaza, who is a high-quality brand with a great reputation based in Hong Kong. Kaza is dedicated to providing a range of luxurious and stylish qualities leather products. Using the finest leather, this company brings you timeless products that you are sure to cherish forever.

Here is a direct link to the Kaza product. Kindly note I am not affiliated and bought it with my own money.