RL Handcrafts Andino Pro-DLX Camera Straps

RL Handcrafts Andino Pro DLX Review

RL Handcrafts Andino Pro-DLX Review. It may not be the holy grail of camera straps but it’s the closest so far! To be honest I didn’t need a new camera strap but after seeing the slings and harnesses from the RL Handcraft selection I decided to order the Andino Pro-DLX.

As I only shoot with a Sony A7r II perhaps their Clydesdale or Derringer camera harnesses would be a little too much, so I went with the tan/coffee Andino Pro-DLX sling. When unboxing the strap I was greeted with the beautiful smell of leather and of course the quality stood out immediately.

Lets be honest, who doesn’t love the smell of leather. OK, enough of my leather fetish!

There are 3 styles of camera slings available. The RL Handcrafts Andino Lite, Andino Pro and the Andino Pro DLX and they come in 3 colours: tan/coffee, coffee/tan, and black/red. The Andino Pro-DLX has beautiful stitching and a padded shoulder which of course, cost a little more.

These kinds of leather slings are going to last a long time which is why I decided to pay the extra and go with their most expensive offering.

RL Handcrafts Andino Pro-DLX – Features

All the leather is genuine and beautifully hand crafted. The shoulder is padded, making it more comfortable especially when adding on heavier lenses. To prevent the strap from slipping and sliding around your shoulder, it comes with an integrated stabiliser.

This kind of sling reminded me a little of my BlackRapid Sport which the Andino has just replaced. Dare I say perhaps the Andino does add a lot more style! I love the little touch of coffee colour added to the tan.

All the buckles and connectors are made of nickel plated brass and connects to the tri-pod mount in the base of my camera. I often come across comments from photographers having concerns when using the tri pod mount. I have been using straps this way for quite a few years and have never had any problems.

For a short term I used my Artisan & Artist strap which connects to the standard cameras side lugs, but I soon reverted back to a sling using the tri pod mount. It’s the most comfortable and easiest way to walk around and shoot.

RL Handcrafts Tri-Mod Mount Tip

Pick up an Arc Swiss plate and screw it into the base of your camera. Then simply use the additional hole on the Arc Swiss plate for the camera strap mount and your good to go. Whenever you need to use your tri-pod just unclip your camera from the sling, and mount it on the tri-pod.

An interesting feature of the Andino is the extra security strap. Not only does it give you peace of minding knowing your camera is secure, but I found it also stops my camera from swinging around. To be honest, the connector to the base of the camera is extremely well made, and I can’t see this ever coming loose or disconnecting.

Andino Pro-DLX Review – In the Field

Shooting the whole day with my Sony A7r II and Sony 85mm G Master attached to the sling, distributed the weight of my camera and lens extremely well. By the end on the day, it still felt comfortable and once again my camera and equipment felt 100% safe!

Andino Pro-DLX Review – Value for Money

This is craftsmanship at it’s best and I’m always amazed when I come across comments such as ‘it’s over priced’ or ‘just a couple of leather straps’! The average cost I paid for my CarrySpeed, Black Rapid and Artisan & Artist was around USD 100 each!

The Andino Pro is just a little more but knowing it will last a long time I went for the top model. The cost is almost double compared to their other RL Handcraft selection, but this should be a one time purchase and last me a lifetime.

When I think about the money I paid for my camera, lenses and all the other equipment, the price doesn’t seem so high.

Andino Pro-DLX Review –  Conclusion

When you meet your clients for the first time, the impression they carry of you lasts a while, so why not leave a mark. Instead of being a photographer, how about being a stylish photographer. Agreed we’re only talking about a camera sling here but did I say it looks so damn stylish.

Over the years I have been through many camera straps and this is one of the best to date! It’s also a great ice-breaker as I’m often asked where I got it! Still note sure! Head over to their website below, see their fine selection and perhaps treat yourself.