Reasons to Buy the Sekonik Flashmate L-308s

Sekonik Flashmate L-308s Review

Sekonik Flashmate L-308s Review. With technology today we no longer need or use light meters – or do we! I have just ventured into portrait photography and find using flash and strobe lights a little trial and error. By using the Sekonik Flashmate L-308s I can now set my apertures more accurately based upon the reading given from the light source.

Balancing flash and ambient light is difficult even in todays camera’s as the metering system is not capable of evaluating the two light sources to establish the correct exposure.

Sekonik Flashmate L-308s Review Features

The Sekonik Flashmate L-308s is designed for flash or ambient exposures in either reflected or incident modes. Incident light measures the light falling onto your subject while reflected measures the light reflecting off your subject. To set the light meter to reflected or incident you just slide the lumisphere at the top of the meter.

All the exposure data and related information is displayed on an LCD screen in easy to read icons and large type. Delivering accurate exposure readings in full, half, or third-stop increments, it mirrors the exposure displays of most popular cameras and pairs well with my Sony A7r II.

The light meter is powered by one AA battery and operates my pushing the power on button. There are 3 easy to read graphical icons that represent the metering modes.

The first sun icon is for ambient light, while the other lightning bolt icons are for strobe and flash metering. Below the icons is the shutter speed and f stop readings.

To enter the shutter speed you simply push the up and down buttons on the side and for ISO push the little ISO button on the front and use the same side buttons again. It couldn’t be easier to use!


  • Full, 1/2 and 1/3 selectable f/stop increments
  • Single mode selection button for setting ambient or flash measuring
    Shutter speed priority f/0.5 ~ f/90 9/10; Full, 1/2 and 1/3 selectable f/stop increments
  • Weight 80 g without battery

Sekonik Flashmate L-308s Review – Reason to Buy

The Sekonik Flashmate L-308s has all the features needed to improve your flash/speed-light photography. It’s cheap, light and gives accurate readings. Thus it saves time and enables you to focus more on actually taking the shots.

Although I don’t use it for outdoor photography, this excellent little light meter should be in everyone’s camera bag when using flash exposures.