Luminar Photo Editing Software Review

Luminar Photo Editing Software Review

Luminar Photo Editing Software Review. There’s no mistaking Luminar is powerful software, and works extremely well as a stand alone app. or plug-in to LightRoom, Photoshop, Aperture including Capture one Pro.

At the moment it is only available to Mac users but I believe a Windows version is being developed and released this year.

Why would you choose Luminar

Luminar only requires a minimal one time purchase, unlike Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Plan (for photographers). Luminar also offers a fantastic selection of presets if this is the way you prefer to process your images.

Presets have always been the main feature of Skylum’s editing apps. including Intensify CK, FX Photo Studio and Tonality CK. Simply go to Presets Category in the bottom right panel, choose from Basic, Steet, Outdoor, Portrait, Travel or Dramatic and select your chosen filter displayed in the instant preview windows along the bottom of the app. It couldn’t be easier!

With over 50 presets you’re guaranteed to find something for your images with Luminar Photo Editing Software. Did I forget to mention the presets were designed by professional photographers and you can also add your own.

Personally, I find the selection of filters under the ‘Basic’ category is all you’ll need. I can then fine tune the chosen preset, filter to my liking.

What if you don’t like presets and prefer the way LightRoom works! No problem as Luminar also works in the same way, enabling you to make adjustments to just about everything from sharpening, levels, vibrance and much more.

Skylum is ideal for new photographers providing an easier learning curve, not forgetting better on your wallet.

It’s also ideal for people looking to get into photo editing and move away from in-camera JPEG images. Luminar has been designed as an easy to learn application, and much of the fine tuning and tweaking is just not needed if you don’t want it.

Now you can shoot RAW which gives you much more control and enables you to produce higher quality images!

Let’s not get into a RAW versus JPEG debate!

Even though I post process most of my images in LightRoom I still like to use Luminar. It’s the only software that has drawn me away from other applications.

Skylum Photo Editing – How I use Luminar

It’s ideal as a plugin to Lightroom or Capture One Pro, once my images have been catalogued and the lens profiles have added. Luminar is a welcome addition to other editing software.

Even if you’re not familiar with the vast selection of tools offered, you can start using Luminar right away. All the tools are there for you to use, as you develop and grow as a photographer.

Skylum – Download FREE

Still not sure. Why not download the free trial and see for yourself. With an added 30-day money back guarantee, your pre-order is risk free. Visit Macphun Luminar and download today!