Using a Smart Phone Instead of a DSLR Camera. 

Can You Be A Good Photographer Using a Smart Phone

With the rise of smartphones, there has been a tidal wave of people getting into photography. Those who would have never considered it before. Smartphones are everywhere now and everyone is walking around with cameras in their pockets. 

It’s only natural that this should make us question whether they’re good enough to be a photographer using a smartphone. 

I’m here to show you that phones have revolutionised photography. You can still get great photos no matter what equipment you use.

Trying to become a photographer? Looking to improve your skills? Then you’ve probably asked: Which is better? An iPhone or DSLR?

What makes iPhone photography different from DSLR photography? 

Are you thinking of switching to iPhone photography or taking up DSLR photography? You should know the differences. 

The camera in the iPhone has changed the way we take photos. It has brought a lot of new photographers into the market who have never considered themselves as photographers. 

What makes iPhone photography different from DSLR photography? 

The image sensor in your iPhone is much smaller than what you find in perhaps a pro full frame DSLR camera. 

iPhone photos don’t have a high resolution and they are not as sharp or detailed when enlarged. 

Professional photographers would prefer to use a DSLR camera. They produce higher quality images. A portrait photographer would use a DSLR. Especially for printing.

If you simply posting snaps of your kids, and vacations online to Instagram, or Facebook etc., an iPhone could be perfect for you!

How Can You Be A Good Photographer Using a Smart Phone Instead of a DSLR? 

Telling you how to be a talented photographer using a smart phone instead of a DSLR might seem like an oxymoron. Photography is not all about the equipment you use! It’s about the creative talents that you bring to the table. 

The fact remains that iPhones are everywhere. Almost everyone has one, including kids! They can take some excellent photographs with the right apps. 

Below are some basic tips on how to become a better photographer using your phone as opposed to a DSLR or other fancy camera gear: 

Tips for taking great shots with a smart phone

If you’re a professional photographer, it’s unlikely that you’ll switch to using your cell phone as your primary camera. But if you’re a smart phone user, there are certainly ways to use your phone. You can still take pictures which can still impress people.

To take better photographs with your smart phone, learn how to use the different options available in your camera app. 

Most camera apps offer things like exposure compensation, focus lock, stabilization, flash modes, scene modes (portrait/landscape/night), and white balance, etc.

Type of light matters whether you are using a smartphone or DLSR. Different times of day produce various lighting. You need to account for this to get the best picture. The same rules in photography apply. 

Camera apps that help turn your smart phone into a camera

As you swipe through the camera apps on your phone, a few quickly come to mind. The standard camera app, Instagram, Skype and maybe a few others. 

There are a lot of other great photo apps out there for your phone. When we talk about “camera apps,” we’re talking about any app that enhances your smartphone’s existing capabilities. This isn’t an exhaustive list. But it gives you a good idea of what’s out there.

Camera+: With this app, you can edit photos and add effects before you even take them. It includes a timer, and a burst mode that takes 10 pictures per second. 

Camera Awesome: this app is available for iPhones and Androids. It includes filters to adjust brightness, and effects like slow shutter speed. Both versions are free to download. 

Kodak Moments- allows you to print photos at home by simply taking a picture of them with your phone’s camera. 

Snapseed- gives you professional results. It comes with great filters, editing features, and tools that help improve your photos’ quality. This is our top choice app!

Why you would want to use a professional camera phone in photography 

There are many reasons to use a professional camera. The first reason is the print quality. If you’re taking pictures for a magazine, you’ll want to use a camera with a high resolution. 

The dynamic range is one reason. We can capture a lot of detail in the shadows and highlights. A professional camera will have more dynamic range.

A professional DSLR camera has a larger sensor and uses higher quality lenses, making it more effective at capturing details and colors. 

Professional cameras are larger and heavier than consumer models, so they are usually easier to keep steady while taking pictures. 

You’ll still find professional cameras produce better images in low light situations.

The lens is more important than the camera. Smartphones are part of our everyday use! If all you have is your smartphone, then you’ve got everything you need 

Conclusion: Is it still possible to take great photos with a smart phone?

In the end, it comes down to your preference. As a professional photographer, I understand people’s questions about whether they should get a DSLR or an iPhone. No matter what you decide, just have fun taking photos and be prepared to take lots of them as you learn.