Aurora HDR Photo Editing Software Review

Aurora HDR Review

Macphun Aurora HDR Review. Aurora HDR Photo Editing Software has to be the most powerful application to date creating clean, digital and most important natural looking images.

I have to be honest, I have never been a fan of HDR software. Images always looked over processed, over saturated, un-realistic flat, and washed out! I could go on but I think you get the picture. Let’s be honest – they don’t look good!

During my early photography years, I was also guilty of creating these kinds of images. To be honest in my opinion, they looked awful then and they still do now. I prefer to process my images in Photoshop, Luminar and LightRoom. This gave me a cleaner look and I stayed away from HDR software – until now!

Aurora HDR can create a very realistic HDR image by blending a group of multiple exposures or create them from a single image. This is where Aurora really shines! Import an image into Aurora, choose from a selection of presets and click!

Each preset has a slider which changes the filter’s intensity. I would highly recommend reducing this to around 50% or perhaps a little less if you wish to add another preset. This will give you an HDR image that looks natural. You’ll find the pre-sets are all set at 100% so dial them back a little.

Macphun Aurora HDR Review Presets

The pre sets are a fantastic starting point to processing your images or this could be all you need! If you’re familiar with lightRoom or Photoshop you’ll find most of these tools are in Aurora including: highlights, midtones, whites, blacks and much more!

Organised into categories these awesome presets include Basic, Realistic HDR, Landscape, Dramatic, Indoor, Architecture.

Still not enough! How about some additional free presets from Trey Ratcliff and Serge Ramelli. They have done all the work for you and all you have to do is click!

When you’re happy with your image simply save or export. It couldn’t get easier.

Macphun Aurora HDR Review Catalogue

The only limitation is the lack of lens correction and cataloguing. Macphun photography software/apps are growing and improving and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lens correction catalogue in the future.

Macphun Aurora HDR Review with LightRoom

I use Aurora HDR as a plugin to Lightroom after my images have been catalogued and the lens profiles have been added. Aurora HDR is a welcome addition to my editing software.

Even if you’re not familiar with the vast selection of tools offered, you can start using it right away and you get full control on how you want your images to look. All the tools are there for you to use, as you develop and grow as a photographer.

Macphun Aurora HDR Review Download

If you’re still not sure, download the free trial and see for yourself. With an added 30-day money back guarantee, your pre-order is risk free. I’m pretty sure you’ll be keeping it though!