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Tassanee Photography

Hi, I’m Tassanee. I’m a photographer who loves to capture the unique beauty of people and the world around me. I’ve always lived with my head in the clouds, so it’s no wonder I ended up becoming a photographer.

I live in Thailand with my husband Andy, who also takes pictures. I love shooting street photography because it’s an exciting way to meet new people and learn about different cultures, and also because it’s a lot of fun. 

And I love taking pictures of bugs because, well—bugs are fascinating! They have so much character! I love being able to express myself through my photos, and I can’t wait to shoot with all of you soon!

Andy T. Laird Author Portrait

Hi there! I’m Andy. I love to shoot landscapes and portraits. As my wife Tassanee is also a photographer, it helps us support each other’s work and passions. She kind of kicks my butt at street photography though.

We spend a lot of time taking photos together. I also like to teach hands-on photo editing workshops. My wife Tassanee and I love travelling and taking pictures of new locations. It’s the perfect way to bond over a shared love of photography and to spend time together.

Can You Be A Good Photographer Using a Smart Phone moment I first picked up a camera I knew what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. Photography has changed my way of life and made me appreciate what I once took for granted. What better rewards could I ever want
Andy T. Laird

A Fun Intro:

Imagine for a second that you are a peasant in the Dark Ages. Life sucks. You toil away in the fields all day for 2 shillings, all you eat are potatoes, and the Black Plague is running rampant. 

Despite all of these things, what really sucks is that you can’t capture the image of your wife and 3 beautiful children (you used to have 5, but, you know, the plague)

You can’t afford to hire a painter, and even if you could, the weeks on end of standing still would never work. If only you had some sort of device that allowed you to snap a picture of them in an instant.

Photography is one of the coolest inventions in the entire world. Before we had photography, anything we wanted to capture in time took days or weeks of meticulous work.  Now, all it takes is the click of a button. I specialise mostly in landscape, architecture, wildlife, and portrait photography. Check out our hands on photography workshops.

Our photographic styles are always relaxed and informal, but FUN. We love to share our knowledge while I continue to learn new styles and techniques from others around us.

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