A Beginners Guide to Awesome Street Photography

Street Photography

Street Photography Tips and Decisive Moments. Street photography contains images that capture decisive moments in life. These images should be un-staged and explore the relationships between individuals and their surroundings.

Street Photography Tips – Locations

You don’t need to stay on the streets. Try visiting the local markets, zoos, sporting events and local fairs. Some of my images were taken at a local anime gathering, canals and the local markets!

Don’t forget the background of your shot. Look out for graffiti, billboards and street signs as they can really enhance that shot! What’s happening in the background can compliment the main subject!

Anticipate what’s going to happen before they do. By knowing a little about your subjects, you could predict the next meaningful moment or dramatic event.

Have your camera ready to shoot at all times! You can miss a lot of fantastic opportunities, especially during the hustle and bustle of street life.

Paying the Bill Street Photography

There’s nothing worse than a photographer putting a zoom lens in your face. Blend in with the background.

Street Photography – Use the Right Lens

There may be times you need to get close to your subject and I’d recommend using a 50mm Prime lens. On social gatherings a lot of your subject will be happy to pose or not worry about photographers such as the Anime gathering.

I know a lot of photographers like to shoot street images in black and white. However, there may be times when colour could improve the shot; so be flexible.

Try shooting from the hip giving a child’s perspective. This could also provide some unusual and dynamic compositions.

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